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Meet The Shark OFF®Family​

It is Shark OFF’s® mission and passion to help alleviate fear for millions of beachgoers every year.

While there are actually very few shark attacks on humans, the profound fear of them genuinely impacts the beach experience for 90% of beachgoers. A lot of people are afraid of the ocean. But when we talk to people about that fear of course it’s not a fear of the water itself. It’s a fear of what’s in the deep dark unseen depths. It’s mostly a fear of sharks.

Our proven and patented technology repels curious sharks so you and your loved ones can lose the fear and love the ocean.

Shea Geist

Boss Momma

Shea Geist, Boss Momma (a.k.a. Chief Executive Officer) has spent most of her working life in non-profit organizations including a suicide hotline and rape crisis center, continuing education for judges, and as Director of Operations of a local $7M/year center serving adults with disabilities. Years of working in administrative positions (and wearing multiple non-profit hats) have prepared her for the organization that is the foundation of successful companies. Earning an MBA from Rockhurst University has given her the skills to lead Shark OFF® through the growing pains with an eye on the future. Shea has all kinds of irons in the fire. She is a feng shui practitioner, archery lover, avid yogini, and doula (attending one birth per year for free for friends/family or someone in need). She and Geoff regularly volunteer in their local community.

Even more importantly, Shea’s well-intentioned aunts and uncles took her to see Jaws at the drive-in when she was a kid. That led to years of intense fear of the water – even in the pool. Finding a way to lose that fear has been a big driver for Shark OFF®. And now, because of Shark OFF®, she loves the ocean.

Geoff Geist


Big Kahuna (a.k.a. Chief Operating Officer), provides 25+ years of badA$$ relationship sales experience as well as extraordinary attention to detail. He’s turned entry level positions into major accounts sales with an acute eye for opportunities. And the vision to see the opportunities in a video about repelling sharks with elemental metals.

Geoff has been a Subaru-addicted tuner for years. The “girlfriend” (as Shea calls his 2002 WRX Sportwagon) is still his beloved daily driver. He discovered yoga while healing from a surgery repair of an old motorcycle accident and practices daily. Geoff’s favorite role is dedicated husband and father. He is the source of all things smartaSS in the Geist household.

Max Geist


Lil’ Kahuna (a.k.a. CTO), rocks elementary school, Mathletics and Shindo Jitsu. (No, his parents are not proud or anything.) He also has mom and dad’s snarky sense of humor, his own brand of thoughtful kindness & and, under all the shyness, an adventurous streak. In spring of 2018, Max swam with 20 adult lemon sharks off the coast of Florida. Mom was trying not to hyperventilate because he wasn’t wearing Shark OFF®

Wrex Geist


Wrex Geist, Wiggly Butt (a.k.a. Who Rescued Who?), protects the premises, protects “his boy”, eats stuff, and is very sure visitors have come only to scratch his butt.

Kansas City

Kansas City (a.k.a. The Most Entrepreneurial City Evah) is the place Shark OFF® was born. What? Who puts their city in their bio? We do! The support of the vibrant entrepreneur community in Kansas City has been instrumental in the creation and success of Shark OFF. Special thanks to – Elizabeth Bejan at the Women’s Business Center, Justine Petersen, Rebecca Gubbels at the University of Missouri Kansas City – Small Business and Technology Development Center, the Kauffman Foundation, and KCSourceLink (among scores of amazing organizations).

The Shark OFF®Story

Shark OFF® was born in bed. No, it’s not a bad joke. The creators of Shark OFF®, Shea & Geoff Geist, were in bed watching TV one night. Along came a PBS program (yup, that’s a plug for public TV) called, How To Repel A Shark Attack: Hunting The Elements. Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs fame – Discovery Channel plug too) was interviewing one of the scientists that discovered the technology used in Shark OFF®.

As Mike and Dr. Patrick Rice discussed the shark repellent properties of magnets and rare earth elements, we were totally blown away. We were amazed that we had never seen a product using this technology. Why was this not in beach shops EVERYWHERE?

After pursuing it further, we found that this research was dedicated to the reduction of shark by catch in commercial fishing and not as a deterrent against human interaction. Inspired by Shea’s debilitating fear of the ocean and the vision of this unmet need, we dove in to bring this amazing technology to beachgoers around the world.

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