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Shark OFF®

Shark Repellent
Surfwear Jewelry

Shark OFF® is an affordable and attractive shark repellent bracelet and anklet that simply, easily and fashionably provides peace of mind in the ocean. It is repellent AND attractive at the same time. Our gender fluid, eco-friendly, surfwear ethos is perfect for every beachgoer. You’ll want to wear it even when you aren’t going to the beach!


Offers a peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy the ocean.


Field of protection will last, for over 300 hours in the water.


Proprietary active element repels sharks AND looks good doing it.

10% of Your Purchase

Goes to Cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch

because Sharks need love, too.


If you have only one bracelet, start with your ankle. Seventy percent of shark bites occur on the lower extremities. If you have two, then wear the other one on your opposite wrist. (Of course if you’re just wearing it around town to show it off then your wrist is much better! Trust us, showing off your ankle can be pretty awkward.)

We specifically designed to fit everyone’s ankle/wrist – from 7 inches to 17 inches. Get EVERYBODY a Shark OFF® with our quantity discounts.

Shark OFF’s® active elements dissolves slowly in water. And the wood beads and leather are all natural so exposure to salt water will dry them out. The best way to care for your Shark OFF® bracelet is to wear it all the time. Even in the shower or when you wash your hands. Rinsing the salt water off will help it last longer and the natural oils from your skin are good for the leather and beads. If you don’t want to wear it all the time then just rinse it with fresh water, pat dry and store someplace that it will stay dry. Don’t store it damp in a plastic bag.

Holy schnikey, YES! Not only is there a decade of NOAA-acknowledged science behind the technology, we have tested it ourselves and will continue to do so.

There’s a simple and fun explanation video AND enough science to put you to sleep on our Science page. 

Remember though, this is shark repellent, meaning it’s just like other precautions you take when visiting the beach. Sunblock doesn’t guarantee you won’t get burned, but it really puts the odds in your favor. Shark repellent is the same way, a great added layer of protection for you and your family to enjoy the sand between your toes and the fresh ocean breeze. If you see a shark, calmly and immediately leave the water. That’s the only way to GUARANTEE that you won’t get bitten.

No! We love sharks. Our mission is not just to save people, but to save sharks too. We wouldn’t want to hurt them in any way. Our patented active element is strong enough to make the shark jerk away (without harming them) but it is imperceptible to us.

In fact, we love sharks so much we’re committed to making their homes a better place. 10% of your purchase is donated to clean up the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Shipping: For our friends across the continental US, shipping is free!! Alaska & Hawai’i, we love you guys, but we can’t take the shipping hit on that one. Same for international shipping, customs fees & taxes. 

Returns: We offer free replacements on defective orders. We do not accept returns. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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